Facebook bans news

Many of you might be noticing that Facebook has now banned (temporarily??) all news and media organisations.

This includes local & federal government social media communications. This is in response to proposed Federal Legislation that will force tech companies to pay news providers for that content.

It’s easy to just to blame Facebook overreaching. But our current government has continued to work in self interest and preservation, in complete unbridled collaboration and collusion with the Murdoch media empire.

Its likely I don’t use Facebook like you use Facebook. I have loathed the culture that exists on this platform, perpetrated by the origins of false news, propaganda and conspiracy theories. This sort of content isn’t exclusive to Facebook but this is the only platform where I have had to curate with fierce intensity what appears on my feed when I open the app. This has involved manually unfollowing and hiding thousands upon thousands of adverts, posts and accounts.

This change that Facebook has activated today, doesn’t effect me as a result. I don’t get my news from Facebook. I do not generally see the content they have chosen to restrict.

But it’s likely you have been effected.

The debate that continues is whether news and journalism belongs to citizens or to the private & public companies that generate news content. This is in the same way we need to start looking at social media platforms.

Somewhere, somehow social media access apparently became a human right, forgetting these are profit making companies, who write the rules, regulations and practices for their business. Would you do business with someone who is loosing you money? I wouldn’t. Cutting ties seems logical.

So, the deeper theological question I ask you is, if you were deplatformed tonight, would it matter?

I began my media career before YouTube, Facebook and Google. And in the 14 years of their existence, I’ve barely cracked social media infamy; 1.2k Facebook page, below 500 on Instagram, same on Twitter, under 100 subscribers on YouTube, 4.3K on Tiktok. I didn’t need these platforms to start, would I need them to keep going? What about the Facebook pages and accounts that today have been banned?

I think if anything, today’s Facebook action requires self reflection and contemplation. Be grateful that you can read this, that your account is still active and you are a consumer of content rather than a content creator.

Privilege means to have something that others struggle to possess. We are privileged.

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Award Winning Filmmaker. Content Creator. Trekkie 🖖🏻. Film & Virtual Production Teacher @AIEedu & @busstopfilms #horrorfilmmaker #InclusiveFilmmaking. he/him

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Dan Sanguineti

Dan Sanguineti

Award Winning Filmmaker. Content Creator. Trekkie 🖖🏻. Film & Virtual Production Teacher @AIEedu & @busstopfilms #horrorfilmmaker #InclusiveFilmmaking. he/him

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